Cabinette Privacy Policy

Updated March 12, 2024



Cabinette (“the application”) does not collect, log, access, or attempt to access any Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”), including but not limited to:

The only two forms of input (“data”) into the application are:

Should users attempt to insert PII into the application, Cabinette is not responsible for the secure storage, maintenance, notification, management, or destruction of said PII.

User defined text is not transmitted to any server, nor available to the developer. Files are likewise not persisted, but referenced to their original location. In current/future versions, the application may copy these to a central directory, but with express user permission. No data is sent to an external service. Should an external service be made available to Cabinette users (such as a distribution platform), this will be exclusively opt-in, and further details will be made a that time to the management and processing of that data.

Any data provided in the application (see above) is persisted locally in a Container. Should users decide to completely remove the application, including any and all persisted user input, it is accessible via ~/Library/Containers/Cabinette, in Finder.